Business development

Investing in business ideas, projects and governmental development plan with a purpose to grow an environment of business minded and developer of creative opportunities.

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Buildings & Realtors

From the ground up to the sales and rentals of properties, development holdings and shareholding of building management.

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Industrial & Manufacturing

Industrial production of agricultural products. Manufacturing of canvas, shades, Bedouin stretch tents and wear accessories.

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Energy & Natural

Bio/ mineral energy development project production and partnerships. Mining machinery rentals, assistance and sales.

MRS Group Ltd | Box Invest

"No limitation in investment but difference in currencies"

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Passionate about “Services”

We have a quick turn-around time for making investment decisions. Sector managed by professionals blended with entrepreneurial flair and financial prudency.

Passionate about “The world”

One of our mottos is: there is no limitation in investment but differences in currencies. Regardless of that part of the world, Anthony Robbins quotes; every problem is a gift!

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Passionate about “Growth”

We invest into people, we invest into process and we invest into products. Growth is part of live as we focus and employ all effort to development and growth. .


Happily worked with

Development projects, governmental and blue-chip companies,
firms in the stock market that represent the stalwarts of industry.